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Graeme Owen

Graeme Owen, based in Auckland, is an international business coach. Since 2006, he has coached business owners throughout New Zealand, Australia, North America and the UK.  

"I believe people should focus less on trying to be successful and more on trying to be decisive."

Under the brand 'The Successful Builder' he has focused on helping hundreds of builders to get off the tools, make decent money, and free up time for family and enjoying life.  



Martin Jimmink

Martin Jimmink, born in Holland but now recognises himself as a Kiwi, specialises on talking to large groups on the subject of mindset in business.  "To create awareness" is Martin's passion and purpose in life. From being trained in psychotherapy, Martin moved onto owning a range of businesses and completing an MBA. Currently a multi business owner, Martin was also  an Executive Coach with Action Coach.

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Andreas Becker

Andreas Becker has coached over 100 businesses in New Zealand and abroad to building businesses that generate plenty of profit, excellent cashflow and that work without the owner being present. His hands-on entrepreneurial experience includes active property investment and buying, building and selling a number of successful businesses.  Trained with a leading business coaching organisation, Andreas has consistently achieved top 10% performance.