What is Agglomeration?

Agglomeration is about bringing together a group of companies in the same sector that are typically and geographically diverse and listing that group of companies on the public stock exchange. The twist is that rather than merge the companies they are kept independent. They maintain full control over their business.

Every entrepreneur faces the same challenge - attracting the big customers, great talent and capital. The problem is that you're too risky and you're too illiquid.  As a small under resourced business you can't go for the big contracts and so, because you can't, you remain a small under resourced business. 

"What agglomeration does is it gives you access to bigger brands that are more scalable.  You get access to all these different skill sets which is more enticing for some of the global market brands."  
Hannah Middleton - Director of Communications, Unity Group

Small businesses are often guilty of the tunnel vision approach of focusing only on the job at hand. Whereas agglomeration opens a small business owner's eyes to a big business approach.  

Should you, as a small business owner join an agglomeration,  you get to sit as a peer with other business owners from around the world.  You get all the benefits of an acquisition without compromising you, your business or the way you want to run it.  If anything, it's more like you are acquiring a big business.

"You're now turbo charged.  You've got the big engine, you've got the team thats routing for you to do that [grow]." 
Callum Laing, Co-founder and Director of The Marketing Group

You can find out if Agglomeration is right for your business at our next Agglomerate My Business seminar or you call us for details. 

Graeme Owen