from idea to ipo in 12 months - Christchurch

Presented by Andreas Becker and Martin Jimmink

Monday 20 February, 1pm - 2.30pm

Master Builders Function Room
Unit 1, 6 Burdale Street, Riccarton, Christchurch

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You probably never thought is was possible to double or even triple the value of your small business.

Most NZ company owners are unable to exit their business at a fair price (considering all the hard work they have put in) or to raise capital for expansion without committing their personal assets.

We are excited to introduce a new model to NZ called agglomeration. 
Through this model a number of companies across the world create a collaborative IPO (listing on the stock exchange). This offers huge advantages to participating businesses such as:

  • Instant increase in scale 

  • Doubling or even trebling the value of your business 

  • Access to projects only available to international companies

  • The ability to raise capital to expand your business 

  • Paying yourself and staff at corporate levels and so attracting top team members

You should attend this seminar if...

  • you want the benefits of interacting with other entrepreneurs

  • your business has a T/O > $1.5m with a profit of >$500k

  • you want an exit strategy that will dramatically increase the value of your business

  • you are interested in scaling up your business 

  • you want to tap into a global network and open up world-wide opportunities