unity group


Ex-pat Kiwi, Callum Laing and his business partner Jeremy Harbour pioneered a completely new approach to helping small businesses scale whilst leaving the founders in full control over their own entities.


Agglomerate Your Business brings together three leading New Zealand business coaches who believe that entrepreneurs are the change makers in the world and that there are 'millions' of good small businesses run by entreprenuers that deserve to have a level playing field with the big boys. 

Agglomerate Your Business have teamed up with the Unity Group, Singapore - leaders in the application of agglomeration - who have applied a simple variation to a well known business model so that small/medium businesses can swap their private shares for public shares and then  carry on running their business while keeping full control of its activities. These businesses get to enjoy all the benefits of being a part of a listed company.

Agglomerate Your Business works with good, debt free, profitable businesses looking to scale to the next level.